Living in Louisiana

Louisiana possesses one of the country's most vibrant, distinct and well-preserved cultures, making the state an exciting place to live, play and work. Today, Louisiana is building upon this cultural advantage to create a place known for intellectual energy and creative capital.

Louisiana's new commitment to education innovation and a better quality of life for its citizens can be seen in every region of the state:

  • The state has some of the nation's most aggressive and effective education reforms, including a teacher-prep model that links student test scores to teacher preparation in order to create higher accountability for teachers.
  • Ground-breaking programs in public education are also under way in New Orleans, fostering the next generation of classroom leaders and social entrepreneurs.
  • Dozens of Louisiana cities are restoring their historic landmarks and preserving their downtowns.
  • Lafayette has established a municipal Fiber-To-The-Home system, which will serve over 57,000 homes, businesses and schools throughout the community.

With its rich blend of historical influences, mild climate and diverse natural environments for year-round outdoor experiences, constant line-up of festivals and cultural events, as well as professional and collegiate athletic teams that are rooted in tradition and triumph, few places on the globe are like it.

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